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Title IX Program Mid-Year Report (Fall Semester 2016)

Sexual violence and sexual misconduct continue to be pressing issues facing campuses across the country, including MSU. As part of efforts foster a culture of safety and respect, MSU has implemented a monitoring program that utilizes climate surveys, mid-year and annual Title IX reports, as well as information gathered from community meetings and focus groups. While climate surveys and Title IX reports can serve as an indicator of the prevalence of sexual violence and misconduct on campus, data from MSU’s mid-year and annual reports is also used to identify trends and inform education and prevention efforts. MSU’s most-recent Title IX report summarizes reporting activities on campus for the fall semester of 2016.

Title IX Program Annual Report (2015-2016)

The Annual Report is reflective of the transition of the Title IX program at MSU over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year. The progress highlighted for the 2015-2016 is built upon on the policy revisions and process changes enacted in prior years, which culminated in the broad organizational changes and revised policies and procedures in 2015-2016. As evidenced by the accompanying report, these changes yielded dramatic process improvements. Significant accomplishments highlighted include the increased speed of the investigation and student conduct processes, the increased participation in training programs, the increased engagement of faculty and staff in educational programs, and new programs and staff to support prevention and advocacy efforts. Also of note is the increase in reports, which we believe is not indicative of an increase in incidents, but rather reflects increased efforts at MSU to raise awareness.

2014 Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Policies and Programs Task Force Report

In 2014 President Simon appointed a new Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence to review and assess the implementation of the recommendations from 2004 and to suggest ‘next steps’. During its review, the 2014 Task Force found that many of the 2004 recommendations were implemented, partially implemented or recently initiated, as suggested. The report outlines many recommendations that will progress MSU’s goals in addressing campus sexual misconduct and relationship violence.

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